Carbide Drawing Dies

We understand in today's technologically advancing world that the days of standard 12° and 16° dies are over. With over thirty years' experience in the wire, bar , and tube drawing industry, we look at more than just the manufacturing of the die, we look at each drawing application and all of the variables and help our customers with innovative solutions to increase production and decrease down time. We also offer a CVD Multi-layer TiN/TiCN/TiC/TiN coated die insert. This multi-layer CVD coating has excellent bonding properties that make it a great choice for heavy load applications and will increase die life and reduce galling.

Depending out customers request, we also manufacture standard or generic dies with with either a 12° or 16° approach angle. If you have a print or your own specifications we will make the die your way.

Other Services 

We also offer a reworking or re-cutting services and we offer rough core carbide dies for customers who make their own dies.

EDM Blanks

Another product you might be interested in is our EDM blanks. These are standard drawing dies in O.D. and overall length, except they only have a 0.025” – 0.030” straight I.D through them. 

General Notes

The maximum I.D. size for industry standard round die inserts are only to be used as a general guide and may vary depending on drafts taken and the material being drawn. High nibs are generally used in connection with heavy drafts or where longer bearings are needed. Also, case sizes we recommend are customizable to meet our customer's needs.
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